Wednesday, September 28, 2005

BStar Gactica

just got back from a Sake Tasting party, and was pondering my weekend.. although we are off to Big Sur this weekend for a nice relaxing 2 days of camping in the most beautiful part of the world, i am going to miss one thing:

the new Battlestar Gallactica.

What a great show. It was rated the #2 Best Sci Fi show ever, by the Boston Globe. It was beaten out by Star Trek, of course. I never was a Star Trek fan. Everything seemed so goofy, like the sets. Whenever Cptn Kirk took a digger on the planets surface, all the rocks around him would move. And the aliens all were wearing bad Walgreens Halloween costumes. But it was the 70's i guess. I'll hand it to Spock, he made a killer Bilbo Baggins video.

Now Bstar Gactica, its got great special effects, and great writing, and of course, Boomer and Starbuck, need i say more. And if you haven't seen this show before, don't just start watching the latest episode. Get the 2 part mini-series and start watching from there.. it'll be worth it.

But alas, i'll need to wait until January 2006 for the continuation of season 2. And although each episode has been a cliffhanger, the last one took the cake..

how many more days do we got left?


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