Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Amex Tuesday Practice Round Report

It was a BEAUTIFUL morning at Harding Park Golf Course. The grass was wet, but the sun was out.

View of the course from the other side of Lake Merced.
You can see the 18th tee to the 18th green.

We got there early, at about 8am, and of course Tiger had already tee'd off. We caught up to him at hole 9. Hole 9, for us amateurs, is a par 5, 475 yds. Tiger hit a great tee shot and his approach shot was about 130 out. geesh.

Tiger and Kenny Perry walking up to the 9th green.


Watching Tiger practice was an interesting experience. His clubface makes a sound us amatuers can never make when he strikes the ball. And, I think the Bay Area loves him as he had quite a crowd following him... here's a quote from today:

"We haven't played (in San Francisco) since the (1998) U.S. Open, and that was an absolute zoo here. Look at Tuesday morning, and people are out here already." - Tiger Woods

View up 18th fairway and the crowds to watch Tiger practice

Overall, my predictions so far, are that the pro's are going to eat this course up. Granted, the course is in immaculate shape, the rough is high and sticky, and the greens will be firm. But without that cool, stiff, San Francisco breeze, my prediction is 12 under par as the 72 hole winning score.

Tomorrow, more pics. Looking for big John Daly.


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