Thursday, November 17, 2005

Gliffy Closed Beta is Live!

Phew.. you can go to Again, if you'd like to get in on our next beta release, contact

Next chapter...

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Gliffy coming soon!

Our company Gliffy, Inc. is getting super close to launching our first product. Our products will allow users to visualize and share their ideas. Our first release features a diagramming tool. You can create flowcharts, workflows, software diagrams, etc. Unfortunately, our first release will be a closed Beta, for friends only. However, if you are interested in getting in on our next Beta release, send an email to

We are really excited to get this product out there and to have people start using it. It's been 6 months of intense effort. However, the sweat has not only gone into developing the software, but in creating a new company. We've hit some bumps in the road so far, but have learned a lot, and we are learning more each day. More to come!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

New PGA Tour 2007 Season

OK, took a little haitus to talk about Life, but back to GOLF...

The PGA Tour announced today its revisions to the PGA season for 2007. At first, when i heard they were going to change the season around like moving the Tour Championship to September, I was not feeling good about it. I was thinking that we wouldn't see some of the bigger players after September, and that too much of the big events would be packed into a 5 month period that would be overwhelming for fans.

But after reading about the changes, there are some new features that I'm excited about and some things that do make good sense. The biggest addition is the FedEx Cup. This is similar to the Charles Schwab cup on the Champions tour, which basically is a season-long points bonus program with certain events (liek the majors) worth more points. And there is going to be a HUGE cash reward for the winner of the FedEx Cup... will this be huge in Tiger Woods terms or huge in Dave Rummells terms? (Dave was 267 on the money list). Either way, it will add a new twist and competiveness for the types of Woods, Singh, Goosen and the likes.

Other things that I liked I gathered from the players comments on the changes. After the Tour Championship in Sept, the rest of the season will focus on those players hoping to keep their card... this is actually pretty exciting if you follow the players on tour like I do and become more personally attached. Some guys have been on tour a while and are battling to stay on due to struggles with their game. Others have sweated it out on the Nationwide tour or in Q-school only to be holding on to their tour card by a thread. So what happends to rest of the guys like the Woods, Singh, Goosen and the likes. They'll still play in a lot of the events like the Funai and the WGC, but international players said they will do more to support other tours like the the European or Australian tours, since they'll be free after September.

Looking forward to 2007.