Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Woo Hoo! New Clubs!

Finally, the moment has arrived. I got new clubs (irons, 3 - pw). After playing with the same knock-offs for over 7 years, I finally broke down.

I bought the Taylor Made RAC LT's. I tried the Mizuno MP-60's and 32's, equivalent Titleist and Cleveland's and the Nike Slingshot. I wanted to also try the Bridgestone J30 and the Nike Pro Combo's, but they were not available. But the Taylor Made clubs really stuck out and felt comfortable. Plus their topline just looks the best. The shafts are steel and Taylor Made branded, but a lot lighter than the Dynamic Gold's which I immediately liked, being that i played graphite shafts before. The Taylor Made's also came in cheaper than the others, especially the Titleist.

I was able to take them out for a spin yesterday for the first time at Harding Park. Although my swing wasn't altogether there, when i did strike it well, they felt so good. I probably hit one of my sweetest feeling 3 irons ever, about 220.

One other thing, i bought the clubs at a small shop in Belmont called Golf Town. Don't be fooled from its small appearance on the outside however, this place is very well stocked. And the owner, Nancy, was very friendly and helpful. Its dangerously close to my house, however, so I'll be making many more investments there.


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